Each Vocal-it® Wine label is in fact a very simple to you voice recorder
You can buy Vocal-it® Wine labels on Amazon, in various colours and quantities
Download the free Vocal-it® Wine App from the app store ad follow the installation instructions
Place Vocal-it® Wine on the neck of the bottle or on the stem of the glass, or your collector’s notebook

Years later you will still be able to listen again to your impression on the wine, and will be able to share your thoughts with whoever you will want to. A simple smartphone with a QRcode reader will be all you need to listen to the voice messages (e.g. i-nigma, www.i-nigma.com).

Your voice message can be up to 90s long and will remain active for up to three years from the recording date.

A piece of advice for connoisseurs
Who appreciates wine knows that the cork is of paramount importance.
Surprise your friend by using vocal-it wine to hold the cork, of your wine, you will astonish them.